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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

bob's revenge review

This is a very good game love the style and story good scripting but for next time
could you make the enemy's with swords go in front of you when attacking
not where you are it was very irritating.

hope there another on the way...


I love the plot, and I thought the extras were awesome (The last one reminded me of an experiment I did with game genie!). Anyhow, keep up the good work. I'd love to see how the sequels turn out.

thedo12 responds:

thanks and we will be sure to make the sequels gameplay better, with better graphics on my part too


sweet game

Worth the wait :)

Love the dash feature, very unique! Anyway, is this going to be out for PSP by any chance? Or is Radian games totally down and out?

Nice Game.

Reminds me of Barbarian Bob, what with the gameplay similarities. It sucks that some people can't enjoy a good skill based game. Nice work!