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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

Fun, glitch & tip.

The game its cool, the dashy feature was my favorite, the history is lame but a game like this doesnt need a good history.

I was in the dark woods area when I fell in the ground, mother earth ate me and I could go out.

A tip is trying to use de dash thing backwards, that way you can get a 2 or a 3 combo at any soldier in the back, I found it pretty usefull with barbarians.

Anyways, goodwork x).

Good Job!

Awesome game man...hope to see more of this series.

I think I've managed to figure out some "Advanced techiniques" for this game lol. I didn't get any of the unlockables as promised at the end of the game though.

thedo12 responds:

really you looked in the extras section and clicked on it didnt work, thats kinda weird , thansk for the review though

gets borring

was fun for 2 mins, its ok game, just feels repeated every kill.


Nice work man
you rock.

Good game But Boss Is Too Healthy XD

Damn I can open a bloodbank with blood I shed from him, and he still can butcher poor Bobby. I really wonder how many times should I cut him to kill him :P

Othervise, good game.

Ah, and some another unconfortable thing is Bob's moving forvard when he s attacking. I think it s because holding a dull blade with one hand. A short sword would be more comfortable, like in old days (hint hint)