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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


I like your game like a 7 but the music is just so awesome, could you please tell me where I can find the music!

Also the boss is just unbeatable (without a healthbar)

Pretty fun, but far from perfect

Certainly one of the less mindless and more skill-based games of its type. However, you'd get a lot more points from me if it weren't for the way the game punishes the player--each time you die, you can restart with your health brought up to a nice healthy 150 but your rage (and thus the damage of your attacks) severely reduced. That means that after a couple deaths it's practically impossible to so much as scratch the final boss. It wouldn't be as bad if you had made it more noticable, but I didn't notice I was taking a death penalty until I was already swinging at a third of the damage I had when I first tried the boss, and I'd fallen in a few pits before that (speaking of which: WHY PITS? You don't need bottomless pits, it's a brawler). Plus your health, once lost, stays lost forever. I'm sure if I played through again I'd trounce the boss, but it doesn't have much replay value.

man its hard..

great game, I like the cartoony style art but the game play is a bit difficult for me.


Pretty damn sweet, I did experience some lag, and the music didn't fit in places, also I didn't like how you could go off the screen and get owned because you can't see, but combat is good, the game is fantastic.

thedo12 responds:

try using the popup instead of play game

Awesome 10!!!!

I really like it it kept you on your toes ( fingers maybe? )
Keep the games comming

thedo12 responds:

no i think toes is fine