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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


game is pretty good. i liked it a lot man. good job.

Great game

I spent many a stoned hour with the hackings-and-slashings-and-the-maimin g-of-peoples-n-stuff

Nice game overall!

Nice Hack'n-Slash game!
A thing that anoyed the living .... out of me was the melee enemies you encounter in the beginning. They run directly through you, and while you arn't able to hit them by simply slashing away, they are. So it often ends up with you running around trying to get enough distance to actually land a hit.
Music was really well.


nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicen icenicenice and........nice!!!!! very addictive good work

Worth the wait :)

Love the dash feature, very unique! Anyway, is this going to be out for PSP by any chance? Or is Radian games totally down and out?