Armor Picross 2

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Gabriel (gabs.tv) and Kenney (Kenney.nl) brings to you the sequel of the best nonogram puzzle game here on Newgrounds!
Keys: hold "X" or "SHIFT" to mark spaces with an X (to guide you).
If you didn't check Armor Picross 1 (it was released on early 2006), you may need to go to the INSTRUCTIONS to know how to play this game.
This was a project of over 3 months of development, it took a long time to make it, but it was totally worth it!
I hope you enjoy the game and support us by buying Armor Picross Pro!
P.S.: You may be asked to enlarge the SharedObjects space, please press "YES", it's because every puzzle can be saved so you can continue them later!
To save a puzzle (to finish it later) press QUIT >> SAVE AND QUIT


Very nice interface

This game has the best interface I've seen yet for nonograms. I love how you can just click and drag to mark off multiple numbers and boxes, even when the boxes are diagonal to each other (useful for making squares). A lot interfaces force you to check of numbers one at a time, or only let you mark off columns or rows, but not boxes.

Still, there's a few improvements I'd like to see.

First, it'd be nice if dragging would just repeat what happens in the box you click on--like, if I click a box to drop an X, dragging to other squares would drop Xs in them, too, even if they already have Xs. Currently, it seems to toggle boxes--like, if you're dropping Xs, and drag over a box with an X in it, it'll clear that X.

Another thing that'd be nice is if once you solve a row or column, the game would automatically fill in the Xs for you.

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I hate you so, so much.

Why couldn't you have waited until after finals to submit this game? I haven't been able to stop playing since I first curiously opened the game!

I'm going to fail at life, and your game is to be held responsible. Stop making such awesome and addicting games. I have too low of willpower to resist...

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The first couple of levels were good because i could see a strategy and figure it out however as the game continued it started become less like a puzzle and more like guess work.... maybe if i had somone explain the strategy in it i could give it a higher rating

LOL.. this is SO FTW

Kind of reminded me to get Picross DS for Christmas... LOL

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the music was what made me keep playing it
ot was too confusing for a simpleton like me
although it was really nicely done

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2007
12:09 PM EST
Puzzles - Other
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