Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"

Addicting game

Fun and addicting game, if you like puzzles. A couple problems: it's difficult to click on a bunch in a row by clicking and holding because you run the risk of accidentally moving the mouse just enough to hit the wrong row halfway through (or column, whatever). It took me forever to figure out that you could turn the music off in the settings before you start a puzzle; I would like to see a sound on/off option in-game because while I can listen for a while, it gets old listening to something on repeat that has notes that sound (to me) faintly sour midway through the song. Even without that, the harder puzzles take a long time to do, and I'd rather not interrupt to go turn off the sound if I opted not to do it beforehand.

Otherwise...I love picross, it's fun, and these puzzles challenge you to progressively more difficult pictures. I only have the extreme pack left (where I've started taking screenshots because I lose lives too quickly).

Great Game!

I love picross games, and this one is really good with great music, but there are some puzzle that are not correctly done, "like the native" on extreme pack...


a walkthrough might be nice... especially for the first one but other than that this game is good.


I like it but its to hard lol

Great game!

I love love love Revolution Void! Great music! and the game, genius! Everyone likes picross. Me make our own and play them at school.