Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"

where have i've played this b4

this game is awesome and garylarson you have no mind because thats what you need to play


It dosen't make sense

Great game

A few comments though:
1. You should be able to tell the difference between solved and unsolved levels. The little difference that exists now is simply not enough.
2. The drawings are very bad. I saw another picross game that did a MUCH better job drawing in every single format, from 5X5 to 15X15, and some of the ones I saw here were simply horrible. So I advise you to get better on that.
3. Highlighting the colomn and row you're pointing on might be very helpful. I don't know about other people, but on bigger puzzles like 20X20 I often have trouble recognizing the row and colomn i'm working on.
Other than that, great flowing gameplay, definitely a picross game i'd recommend to other people.

GZ (Y)

is a great game! 10 stars!
i wanna know the first song's name before the play button

Not bad, but could be improved

This was a good game, as nonograms always are, just a few things you could improve:
- There's not a big difference between the buttons for playing solved and unsolved levels. You should see that at once (maybe another background color?).
- You always have to scroll down if you want to play another level, maybe you could try to put the scroll bar automatically at a place where the last played level is at the top of the list (if possible).
- Finally, and what most annoys me, is that the drawing mode is really strange. I can't imagine a situation where it would be helpful to draw in two dimensions. Say, if I drag the pencil horizontally, I don't want to draw vertically. So if you don't have a really steady hand, you draw where you didn't want to draw and get told if it was right or wrong, which spoils the fun a bit. It would be better that as soon as you have drawn two squares, you can only draw along that column/row (until releasing the mouse button of course).
What is more, putting the X has a really strange behaviour. If I hold the mouse button and draw along, then the X disappears when I'm with my mouse twice over the same square, though I haven't released the mouse button. That shouldn't happen, it's just annoying.

You chose the music pretty good, it's very relaxing (though I'm not a fan of jazz or ambient or whatever that music is :P), only the bird's twittering at the end/beginning of one song is very annoying and distracting.