Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"


-Why the hell is there a time limit on some of these?
-Don't like the idea of lives or a game over, don't tell me if I'm wrong but don't tell me if I'm right either, just end the game when I finish the damn puzzle. I've already gotten 2 game overs because I missed the column/row I meant to click on, and tried to fill a bunch of squares at once. On that note, make it so the column AND row that you've got the cursor on is highlighted, so it's easier to see the corresponding numbers.

I don't know how you mess up Picross, but somehow this game managed to <_<

Love it.

Good game. Very addicting and it gets you thinking.

its okay



I love playing Picross games and this is enjoyable except for the fact that everytime I finish a level a pop-up comes up saying it wants permission to store files on my computer.

Rating: 6/10

Absolutely brilliant!

Mostly relaxing, sometimes frustrating game with creative approach and excellent music! Bravo!