Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"

Pretty good. Just don't like how long it takes waiting after losing a game or starting one up. Sometimes I want to hurry it but it feels like an eternity to wait for all the animations.

if there were lines showing which row and column your are pointing at, it would be the better game. just saiyan...

Make the 3rd one! :D

Oh god - this is amazing. I have been playing Picross DS for a while now and some of the bigger puzzles really aren't all that great on the smaller screen. Now there's this and I am addicted all over again. BWAH.

Great work though.

I love this version ^_^

This is a much better version of the Picross game. I love the colors, the ability to mute, the ability to jump around instead of doing the easy ones first, and the general awesomeness of the game.
Things to improve on: More of a difference between the puzzles being finished and unfinished, and a way to save the progress--it won't let me save, so every time I come back, I almost feel the need to restart and do every puzzle again. >_<