Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"

Good game, although it does get annoying after awhile of not being able to get it.

Good game but the game over screen is annoying and slow at higher levels and it's annoying to select the game each time at the menu.

Several errors in this game. For instance, on the G.W. level in the third line from the bottom, it says 2,6,4,5 but it's actually 2,5,4,5. Any little errors like this on an extreme level like G.W. can really screw a player over.

I do enjoy picross and similar puzzle though

I just don't care for this game at all. I find the entire concept to be quite boring.

I absolutely LOVE this game. I spent the past few weeks in my free time working through every puzzle in it. I finally finished the last puzzle in the extreme pack this morning and was looking forward to downloading more. Only to find that the deluxe version website appears to be broken or just shut down. Very disappointed by this, thanks for the enjoyment anyway and if you're still reading these perhaps you could look into fixing the deluxe version?