Reviews for "Armor Picross 2"

I like it alot!

It was great and all. Looked all professional. I just didn't know how to play and was too lazy to read instructions.. :P
Keep it up! (this will properly get daily feature or something. frontpage?)

regulargabs responds:

Thanks! Not daily but it already worth it! Just by you guys that supported AP2, thank you so much!


Loved the first one, loved this one even more. It had relaxing music that was easy on the ears, the color-theme was a calming light blue and it had different difficulties so it was suitable for anyone. I really like Japanese puzzles and this game is really fun to spend time with.
I'm trying but I really can't come up with anything negative to say about this one.
*adds to favorites*

regulargabs responds:

Thanks, SrSalvadork!
We love this genre and we're willing to make more games about it :D

Now, this isn't what I usually play...

but it's a cool design and I like it, yay-o!!

regulargabs responds: