Armor Picross 2

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Gabriel (gabs.tv) and Kenney (Kenney.nl) brings to you the sequel of the best nonogram puzzle game here on Newgrounds!
Keys: hold "X" or "SHIFT" to mark spaces with an X (to guide you).
If you didn't check Armor Picross 1 (it was released on early 2006), you may need to go to the INSTRUCTIONS to know how to play this game.
This was a project of over 3 months of development, it took a long time to make it, but it was totally worth it!
I hope you enjoy the game and support us by buying Armor Picross Pro!
P.S.: You may be asked to enlarge the SharedObjects space, please press "YES", it's because every puzzle can be saved so you can continue them later!
To save a puzzle (to finish it later) press QUIT >> SAVE AND QUIT



Thanks for releasing the game around finals. Prick.

Awesome game. Almost makes me want to get a DS just for the picross game.

I wouldn't mind seeing some 30x30's or 35x35s.

Pretty Good

Reminds me of Mario Picross, but this is a lot better.
Using the arrows on the gameboy was a bit easier to select the squares, so using the mouse is a little bit different to get used to.

The only thing that could be improved is the fact that you tell us what the picture is going to be before we solve it, that makes it a bit easier. Its much better to leave us guessing.


This is a very well-made game. Its functionality is brought to a maximum (it offers every possible option that you might ever need, like placing crosses and crossing out single numbers; also, it has no redundant options, placed there just to be...there), while the game is very simple at the same time.

It is not that hard once you get the hang of it, and in fact it is very addictive. The game keeps track of the rough time you spent solving each puzzle; when I look back and start adding the number of minutes I have spent, I can hardly belive that so many hours of my life went playing this game (literary hours)...but I guess it was not time wasted, since I enjoyed every second of it.

Puzzle Games

I don't play puzzle games.I don't even usually like them.But when I do like them,I like them a lot.And that means the games is amazing.I was actually thinking to myself the other day, "Man,I like Sudoku but Sudoku is too hard.If only there were an easier version of Sudoku....or at least a version without the numbers...."
This is Sudoku without the numbers.It is professionaly made,and is still as hard as fuck like Sudoku. >___<

Damn You

Do you have any idea how freaking addictive this game is? I am trying to go to bed, yet I keep saying "One more couldn't hurt." You are making me sleep deprived. This game is a lot of fun and very addictive. Any sudoku fans like myself will be hooked without fail. Great job.

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Dec 5, 2007
12:09 PM EST
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