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Super Viking Shark Panch

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Quality change butan is Q in case you feel the game is running too choppy or too smoothly. Controls and “useful” information below and in game.

You must be asking thy foolish self: “wtf punch is spelled rong”. NO, YOU’RE WRONG. The truth is, this game kicks so much fuckin’ ass that the letter U got fuckin’ pummeled and beaten upside down and now it has to tie its legs together to keep them from flying apart, fuck yea. That’s what this game is about: kickin’ ass, rockin’ hard, and ROCKIN FAST. And if you can’t bring yourself to 1. kick ass, 2. rock hard, or 3. rock fast, then clearly you aren’t man enough to play the most INTENSE AND MANLY GAME EVAR.
In fact, if you find yourself lacking in ASS KICKING and ROCKING, you’ll definitely be in tears. Tears are for women, we don’t need those in our game. In fact, bring your girly tears back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Tears don’t kick ass, and they certainly don’t rock HARD and FAST. You know what does? This fuckin’ game. That’s right. You’re a mother fucking badass fucking Viking who must defeat hordes of sharks who plague the skies. “The skies? How will I reach them?” you ask. FOOL. YOU RIDE ATOP A FLOATING CORPSE OF DEATH AND METAL. FUCK YEA.
These mother fucking sharks don’t stand a chance against your fists, less you cry. BAM! That’s all it takes to bring down your fucking shark existence, beast. Rock and roll fuel your power to PANCH. And that’s what this game is about. Fucking Rocking HARD, FAST, and KICKING ASS. This Rock-out contest is about to get its fucking face ROCKED OFF from how fucking much this game ROCKS. Prepare thyselves to ROCK or go back to the kitchen and CRY.

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oooooooo didnt miss single shark on speedway oooooooo fck yeah