Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"

Pure Gold Win.

This game is made of pure gold 100% organic win. It's fucking perfect and epic.

And to the guy before me: There's no bugs, you just suck.


Really cool idea, but it really needs some work to fix the BUGS!!!!! No matter what i did, the sharks would not get hit. Also, you really need a way to tell what lane the sharks are in

AttackingHobo responds:

You have to panch them when the get right in front of the viking by pressing "a" or "s" depending what side.


AWESOME!!!!! It was godly. Distracted me from my homework for at least 2 hours.

I beat it on hard.

AttackingHobo responds:

I hope you played with the Sound Board. It is one of the best parts of the game.

Once you panch you just cant stop!

10/10. and well earned. my favorite game ever. ITS SO FUNNY.


best game ever nuf said