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Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ccccccombo breaker this game rocks cool music


Dude, the way you worded this reminds me of a book called Alphabet of Manliness by Madoxx. Definatly worth the read. Killer game, Panching Sharks.


If you said this was the best game on newgrounds, I would shout, "BLASPHEMY. THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE GAME THAT COULD EVER BE MADE BY MORTAL HANDS, YOU PANSY-ASS FUCK!"


Braggrrararaharlahalrhalrhalrhalrhalr halhlahlrlrhahhhhahhahgggggaeaglalgal galgalgallgalglag-anal.
Lol best gameover effect ever.

Holy SHIT!

A viking, riding on top a flying corpse, punching the guts out of flying sharks, with rock music playing in the background WHILE ON FIRE!

The concept is simply awsome! xD