Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"

I liked it!

Ha, I always love reading your "Author Comments", they are excellent.
The game itself is also very good. I don't know what the guy below me is on about, the shark "panching" syncs pretty much perfectly with the beat for me. Maybe he lacks something called rhythm, (or brains) and doesn't understand that you punch the sharks in time with the beat, thus the synchronization is up to you, as the player.
I do however agree with him on that the game would be enhanced by adding sounds for hitting and missing, seeing how there can be a fair bit of confusion during the fast, shredding bits of the songs. Or as you so nicely put it, the "Fucking Rocking HARD, FAST, and KICKING ASS" bits.

Good work with his game, I very much enjoyed it.

It's a rhythm game in disguise, sort of >_>

Unfortunately, the sharks aren't synced up with the beat at all...and it takes some getting used to. There need to be sounds for SHARK GETTING PANCHED and SHARK MISSED because it's hard to see the sharks amidst all the blood and fury and death. I unlocked sound test easily and some of the voice samples I didn't hear were just a little over the top but that's part of the humour. Very good effort but work on your game design principles next time.


a little confusing at frist but überly fun when can be understood

this game rocks

sequel worthy


... Wow... that was AWSOME!!!!!!! SUPER VIKING SHARK PANCH CORPSE RIDE MEGA EXTREME 9000 IS DA BEST GAME EVAR! (Oh, and btw, I saw the Necron symble in the back roand on an obolisk, I play tabletop Necrons 40k) Besides that, I'm in the mood to go punch some SHARKS!!!!!!!!!