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Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"

Holy Shit

You just fucked every other Rock Out submission hard up the ass. That's how kick ass this game is. If you don't win, there is no god.

Oh. My. God.

This game is perfect. I swear that this will win the Rock Out competition.

That totally kicks @$$

Holy crap man! Vikings panching sharks? INCREDIBLE! This is by far the most bad@$$ game ever!

wtf, lol shper viking shark panch lol great game,

lol random, sweet flying sharks, and vikings, u a genius, well that was a great game, the music was perfectly time up with the sharks, hrah the sharks exploding was great, the whole ting was great, Keep up the good work

Special Ed sez:

You're already a winner, in my book!
Thanks for the fun.