Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"

Holy SHIT!

A viking, riding on top a flying corpse, punching the guts out of flying sharks, with rock music playing in the background WHILE ON FIRE!

The concept is simply awsome! xD

My high score

For: A Storm So Calm
Score: 42990
Max Combo: 169
Accuracy: 100%

Too bad there isn't a high score system.
By the way, this is the best flash game forever.

funny that is friken funny

man that was just abunch of crap he through there


Sure the game is unconventional, but the idea of being a viking flying in the sky punching sharks to the beat of a song is creative, and, like I said in the summary, hilarious!

Awsome shit.

Like Jason steele said in one of his random songs, "this is the stuff that makes life worth wile"

seariously man, keep the shit comeing.