Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"

SUPER SHARK PANCH 90000000000000000000000000000000


Oh my God!

The best game I've EVER played! It's all worth it just to unlock the sound test XD

*Face Explodes*

That was amazing... how has this not been remade into a full-fledged console game yet? Fuck Guitar Hero... I wanna play Shark Panch! [sorry, I don't have time to write the full name...]


Yeah I know I'm pretty late but I just reminded this game and wanted to play so I got there and told myself "Why not write a review!?" Here we go: This is a massively manly game. It sure lacks on the gameplay side but the whole concept, sound, artwork and general feel of the game are so astounding that the controls could suck and it would still be great. Stay metaL!

you guys aRE ALL IDIOTS!

Guys this game is a joke its meant to be funnie because when you lose the guy saids some smart ass comment i mean i cant even beat it on easy i mean cmon