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Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"


The artwork, funny voiceovers, and great theme really made the game. The actual gameplay was nothing innovative or new, but the fresh creativity really made it fun to play.

I don't know how many times I purposely died just to hear the taunts at the end. My favorite is the final fantasy bash.

After playing 2 songs, novelty wore off...

i tried to get this blammed...

...but so many people love it, i can hardly say "no" now. (of course i might have been too drunk last night to play this game) a generally good job, mister panch.

Thëre wìll bë a special placë for yoü ìn Valhalla.

Qüìtë possìbly thë most mëtal gamë I'vë ëvër played. As a mattër of fact, ìt IS! Panchìng sharks to raìn blood on thë Earthly plaìn whìlst rìdìng on thë corpsë of your fallën enemy? AWESÖME!!! We nëëd more games lìkë thìs. Büt nëxt tìme, wìth add some dots over yoür lëttërs. Dots arë hardcorë.

this kicks your ass and craps down your neck


this game is so METAL!!
the idea is so brilliant, and so creative.(and METAL!)

best fucking game ever

U make Odin proud

there is nothing better than a viking panching sharks out of the sky on a flying corpse

btw all u FF nerds bashing this game can do the world a favor and go shoot urselves