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Reviews for "Super Viking Shark Panch"


Also the BEST game EVAR. Frankly, I can't get enough. Now just about every game I play that has a customizable character is SUPER VIKING. After beating 3 of the songs on Easy, and A Storm So Calm on Medium, I beat Speedway on Hard on my first try. Please, PLEASE make more. I could see so many great songs fitting perfectly into this game. Also, for drummers (such as myself) and other rhythmically talented people, consider adding a "MEGA EXTREME" (or similar) difficulty, pulling no PANCHes. With more songs and higher difficulty, those unworthy of playing a game of this intense manly-ness and sharkicide would simply explode.

I say it again: THE BEST GAME EVAR.

My god. You rock.

It's hard to put into words what everyone else hasn't already said. Honestly, this is my number one favorite flash game ever. Please make more!

Doin Thor Proud

That was friggin sweet. I didn't know one game could contain the amount of awesomeness that contained. I figured, wrongly so, that if you threw metal, vikings, sharks, and misspelled words all into one place, the universe would cease to exist because of some tear in the space-time continuum caused but the level of awesomeness compiled into one thing, similar to Mr. T and Chuck Norris walking into the same building.

But you proved me wrong. Bravo.


This is the most metal game ever.

Is sound test the only thing to unlock? The only song I haven't been able to pass is Speedway on Hard.


Haha I love this game!!!! 5/5 for sheer shark panching brutality! Oh and by the way, I beat "A Storm So Calm" on hard mode. whoo, there's a reason it's only a minute long. I've never seen such sharkicide on one screen before. This is the only game where the main character wearing a skirt doesn't make him any less manly.
PANCH ALL SHARKS 4EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!