Real Estate Mogule

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Whoosh! Now this was a fun game to program! I got the idea to make this game when I was looking for a house recently. I love investing, so I thought, why not make a sim!? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!


While the game had potential as a strategic concept, the tactical execution is horrible. I'm even being nice saying that. First, tornadoes and earthquakes are protected by insurance. You made less than any allotment for appreciation. Any rental property that deteriorated that quickly would have the renters in court or a visit from Lefty and the crew with a baseball bat. Options for skill improvement must have been guessed up over a dart board. AND THIS IS on easy. Fix the game or remove it.

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This is how 1% do!

1% of the people sell the house for a lot of money while stealing money from 99%


i love the game, but on multiple occasions it would subtract the amount im selling a house for from my total money. thereby bankrupting me, and it also took a 0 off of my sell total, making me lose around 100 grand. maybe fix these problems and i would play it more

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Too hard, way too hard...

Nice idea, but way too hard... why do you have the option to choose difficulty, when even EASY is unbeatable? Impossible game... sadly, because the idea is nice.

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lol good and

i mead it to the end and i had 10$ XD im not gonna be a real estate salesman

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3.45 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2007
11:12 AM EDT
Simulation - Job