Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

nice but......

i think it needs to be a bit more eazeyer cuse i got nowhere near 1mill and make the time in eazy like 150 years ither than that it was great

Nice one.

Not as "action packed" as 'mansion impossible', but it does stimulate the mind more than the reflexes.


1. Fun and addictive
2. esay to play
3. It mkes you think but not alot

1. No sound
2. Repetitive
3. I found a glitch and it totaly made the game easy

p.s the humor is that i saw a pice of crap shed and it said full condition so it made me laugh

I could only haggle 10 eith all points negotiation

I just found the game boring, not much to do. You buy a house for the asking price (real exciting) then you fix it then rent or sell it, no story, no action, no fun

Pretty Good

I liked this.