Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"


i like the idear but i think u could of done something better with it ubt in all and all its nice


so so game not that good not that bad but it was very boring

GG, GJ an Keep up!

It is quite good, but I think that you should put something more in. I don't know what, but it bores after a bit. I know its dificult to do these things, so gj and gw. Keep up this man!

nice bug in game

when you are going to go repair a building slide the bar where you put $0 into it. click ok or whatever it says and the value goes up but you lose no money. also you can make the bar overflow if you do it enough. hope you all find it helpful. i beat it on easy in 7 years.

I love it!

pretty simple...A walkthough
2 those who r stuck.

buy those house that r very cheap(made sure u buy the house at least $50 lowerthan the list price.if possibe , make it $1000)
start the rent with $50 then increase $100 every 10 months
sell your house higher than the estimated value
increase the game speed to fast

I hope this helps (my spelling sucks)