Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

scamming is fun!

ah yes scamming people out of munny and spending it to make more, such fun... there's nothing that i can find to criticise here so to you 'Adam Dunn (charles5)' 5/5 kudos

wow... awsome game

the title sais it all... awsome. i cant really think of anything for ctitacism... 10/10 great job!


great game...makes me mad....but thats not new....lol.....great game!! 10 stars and a woot for you! yay you!!


now i finally know how real estate is sooo hard o_o
but i made it bwahahahahaa~~
only if life is like this game...>.>


how the hell do you get more then 1 mil in 50 years. i only just got 80000