Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

a few bugs and needs a bit more time

i just found a nice big bug, my nagotiation was 20 and my shrewedness was 30, everything else was 10, i saw a house for about 35k, i only had 7k, so i figured, hey, its already a great deal, i'll try to get a even better deal, so i offered 7k for the 35k house, it said my offer was accepted (^_^) now i went from 7k-8k to -27k (O_O x_x) and outta nowhere it read game over, even though i should have still had a meager amount left over (just enough to pay about 2 months of expenses), it took all 35k from me! you need to work on that critical little bug, also a small limiter might help so you don't accidentially put in 100k for a 10k house, or at least so you don't kill yourself.

other than that, a GREAT game, i'm still trying to make it to 101k within the first year or two. might have been able to do a bit better if worked on for maybe a month at most, i doubt it could have gotten any better than that. 5/5 10/10 keep up the great work man.

Still getting the hang of it ^^

I love this game. It proves to be a challenge, which I enjoy. The graphics (houses) need some work, if your interested I could draw up some for. Just let me know.

Good Game But It Could Be Better

Hey man, awesome game, i see exactly what you were trying to do gamewise. it was kind of like the sims in a way. lol. but i think the thing that would have kept me interested in the game is if you maybe gave more time. cuz theres no way to raise your skills and rent out a house aswell and make 1.5 million. i could never get past $200,000. i guess it could be that i just suck. but i think it should last for about 100 years or every you should start out with more money and the skill thing should show up more than just every year. but other than that. great game bro. keep it up plz.

Very good and original

It's a very good game the first one i ever tried. Thanks for Submitting this.

Really fun :D

I love the type of games where you like buy/sell stuff...first time I've ever seen a game where you buy/sell houses, so I think it's very orginial...