Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"


dang dat crap wasted my freakin lunch break =)


wow!! this game is actually pretty dang cool. Its really hard to get enough money, but thats how it is in real life too. overall Its a good game. I think for beginers or younger people you should make an eisyer version. you are a good game desiner. keep at it!!!:)


It's a good game, but my only problem is that I can't seem to get enough money. It may just be me, (in fact it probably is), but I think it's kinda hard. But a very good game, from what I understood, nonetheless.

this confuses me

i dnt understand this game, i mean... i baught a shack on easy mode for $50 and lost half of my money, i sold it mor $10000 and ended up with less money then i started with... i dnt get it... also, i baught like 2 or 3 shacks in one game, and after i baught one shack in another there were no more... kinda random...

A fun game!

I liked crackin' out on this one, but it is quite easy once you get the ball rolling. A few things; the skill pop-up gets quite annoying once you have already maxed out. Which in the challenging mode happened only a decade or so in, there is a bug in the saving somehow, at one point I was able to buy a mansion and retain the money I spent on it when reentering from continue. The losing of the game when running into debt kinda sucked because I was doing real well but spent too much money on repairs. It seems silly that a multiple home owner would give up because he or she is 20 dollars short. The random events like the earthquakes are okay, but it would be nice to have a beneficial random event.
Overall I like the gam. It could use some fleshing out to make it more fun.

good one.