Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"


good but really hard


the game is veary fun, it could use some things though to make it better. one thing is to add a butten that you press that would pause and unpause. another thing is to add some more ways to make money like selling either to buisnesses or regular people. great game!

Pretty Fun

I liked it, but it was irritating because it kept pausing. Whats up with that? I liked the interface though nice graphics.

Needs improvement

It's good, but it needs some extra elements to spice up the experience. Sound effects/soundtrack would be more than welcome, more upgrades available, more gaming instead of waiting for an offer, more accurate ways of improving the house as it is ( paint it, tend the garden, renovate, redecorate, etc ).

Not REAL estate mogule

It needs more action and upgrades, and
needs more houses