Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

Great game, needs slight improvement monetary-wise

This was a fun game, but the amount of profit made per house was slow and infuriating... maybe that's just me, tho. Also, I could never get renters?

Great game, might wanna add background music, too! I'm really looking forward to the sequel! :)

A bit of reality.

My dad is the biggest real estate agent in Southeastern Oklahoma and I've basicaly grown up in his office, anyway just wanted to get a little background before I tell you this. It is VERY rare to find property with a house that sells under $160,000. And houses here are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the country. Though I'd just give you a bit of insight.

Nice basework

Like Dangelopower said, the direction is interesting, but definitely could use depth. A bit of a FAQ would have been more helpful, as would more information about the bars. In addition, I disliked how I only go into the Red by 20 dollars, and are expecting over $1000 in rent the next month, and then *BOOM!* I lose. I can see why if I didn't have any income it would be game over, but if I'm still making money, I should be able to keep going. Many times someone has to spend more then they have to make money. Maybe add either that or perhaps the option to take out a loan?

charles5 responds:

Good ideas!

Good concept. But it needs work.

I like where the author is going with this, but it needs a lot of work. Real Estate definitely introduces a newer and more intellectual stat-builder sim than the mass-produced dating sims seen on a weekly basis. And it's one that actually works in context. Problem is that not all people on Newgrounds can understand the real estate biz. So a tutorial would not have been a bad idea. Questions like "what buildings should I buy?"; "how much maintainance should I perform?"; and "how much rent should I charge?" could be basic tutorial FAQs to be answered. Red bars do a good job of being general data, but if you really wanted to get in-depth about it, you could explain more about the house like realtors do in real estate ads. That definitely would've added some points to not only originality, but also creativity and style.

It's a good concept in its early stages. Hopefully you'll consider what I've said and make a version 1.1 later on. I'd love to see where this kind of things goes down the road.

charles5 responds:

Thanks for the very informative review! Infact, this may be just enough to enpire me to build Real Estate Mogul 2. I will take all of these things into consideration, and hopefully begin development soon!


this was a hard game and it took a while to learn. it was kind of fun afterwards though.