Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

Not quite there...

The game to me is a good start. Like others have said, add more upgrades.. I find it nearly impossible to make money because of "natural disasters" happening quite often, cant barely charge squat for rent.. By the time I save up enough money from renting, I have to stick more then I made into repairs before they move out on me... Its a good idea for a game, but it seems to be missing ALOT...

Doesn't add up

If I have $50K cash and sell a house for $50K I will then have a total of about $60K. Where did the extra go? Taxes? Repairs? Doesn't add up and don't see any reason to continue playing longer than 5 minutes.


I rather enjoyed this game although I do have a few suggestions. Throw some new gameplay, the game is fun but it gets boring. Perhaps upgrades for the houses, to raise the property value, I got so irritated buying a house and fixing it up only for it to be worth 15 k more than I bought it for.

where can i buy it and how much?

A 8 / 10. kept comming back for more. It is that good. i play it like every couple of days because it is that good. just needs some work. Becarefull on how much you charge your renters they could leave if you go to high. Try to stay under $400 a month.

too confusing

i've never played a real estate game before and i found that i was too frustrated after trying to work out yours that i don't particularly want to again.
if you'd put in a tutorial or tips on how to make money, i'd probably give this game a much higher score.