SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise

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a Music video of The Big Surprise
by a grungy and smokin' band called

The visual side is a mix of cartoonish
animation and interpolated rotoscoping.
It might be a bit hard on slow comps.

I hope you all enjoy this!



I see lots of people calling this goth or Emo, it's neither, it's Grunge, and it is disapointing that people don't realize the difference. Soon people are gonna say Kurt Cobain was an Emo just because he commited suicide.
Great animmaiton, awesome music, I am a fan of grunge, and also great job you did with the background image, It really looked like a Music video clip.

Simply Awesome.

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SecretSecretary responds:

You are absolutely right. Its Grunge.
Labels are so restricting. I dont really care for the tag, unless the tag is something that immedietely is regarded as a synonim for shit in the minds of so many. Thanks for the compliments and the overall rating. Much appreciated!

Not my thing, but well made nonetheless.

The animation is amazing. I really don't care about all the "black heart" emotional stuff. It seems really silly to me. BUT... that's my OPINION, and it's not worth a shit. The FACT of the matter is... this is well made, and took some time, and some talent.

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SecretSecretary responds:

Hahaha! Yeah I get you, and you were right, this did take time.

nice job

Im not into the whole goth and emo style but I do love good animation and yours in smooth and creative, so good job. But I got to tell ya, I thought some of it was predictable and boring for my taste but hey thats my opinion... Overall you have got talent with flash and could go places with it so keep up the great work. Gave sound a 4 because all that made sound was the song and I didnt really like it,

Keep up the nice work.

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SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks, you are totally entitled to your own opinion. I will try to keep up the great work, hehe. :)

Nice Job!

I liked this flash. Only problem was the frame rate (Fps), it was too high I think. But anyway, people was animated so realistical way. Overall this flash was very good. And by the way, Im from Finland too.

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SecretSecretary responds:

Terve! Nice to see somebody from Finland here. Framerate too high? hmmm.

Definately Emo...

...but the song is cool and I like the artistic style. So this time I'll let it pass. Good job!

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SecretSecretary responds:


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Mar 28, 2007
3:34 PM EDT
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