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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"

absolutly beautiful.

a flash has acheived something when the veiwer is completely quiet in contemplation at the end of it. absolutly beautiful visuals, great concept, and wonderful choice of display in order to get the message across. you also got one of the harder steps of flash down--picking a song that fits the idea. and the song you picked fit very nicely. 10 all the way.

SecretSecretary responds:

Wow, thank you very much!

It was awesome

Great job man, I liked the music as well as how the video fused with it.

Is there anywhere to download this song? It would be nice to add to my playlists :)

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks, sadly you cannot download it.
You can only download a sample of it form their website or go and listen to the full version on the band's Myspace profile.


Not a fan of the whole gothic way of life. However, this vid has merits. Serious work went into animating and syncing the vid to the music. Props

SecretSecretary responds:

I didn't really think of any genre when I made this, but I guess it makes sense. This is definitely not for everyone and I'm glad you can still respect something that you are not really into. Thanks.


LOVED IT great work, soundtrack and video tied together beautifully, the demon was actually kinda cool.

SecretSecretary responds:

Hey thanks a lot!

pretty damn good

good song, pretty origional sounding. the band sounds like a bit of a mix between Theory of a Dead Man and at the beginning of the song Pearl Jam. good mix though. the video did a pretty good job at setting the tone of the song. but the beast thing with the toungs really didnt fit the whole scene or the song itself but it didn't really set back on anything. either way, good job. this video deserves to be on the main page.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah not many liked that black cartoonish demon at the end, but it was so much fun to make it and I personally love it! I knew it was a risk to put it in, but it had a reason and a purpose there. Dont know Theory of a Dead Man, I'll check them out.