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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"


Death by make-up??


I love it! It's nice to see someone out there shares my twisted sense of creativity. And this band "Smokesuit" SICK as well. Keep up the great work.


This was very well done. Your style went well with the music though I wish there could have been more shots of the band.

Fantastic! I eagerly await more work!


perttyyy. but srsly XD I love the animation, and you picked a good style to pair with the music. It's just right.

Ah, Smokesuit

Smokesuit, my favourite band. It's kinds funny to see it here too, even it's not one of most famous bands on earth.

Film is so dark and gave me strange feeling. I don't know what it is. I wish there would be more flashes of their songs. Perhaps The Dance and These City Lights?

I can't give less than full points to this. It was well made, good song and most important it has something that most music videos don't have.

p.s I saw their drummer at gas station once:D I almost went to speak, but didn't dare:/

SecretSecretary responds:

Nice to see a fan of Smokesuit here on Newgrounds :)
Glad you liked the music video. It took a lot of effort and time to make this, and Im kinda proud of it being my first ever animated music video. I would love to make more music videos with flash/animation. Let's see. These City Lights already have a music video. You can see all their music videos on www.smokesuit.com. Go visit it, its a cool site!