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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"

Very Nice.

That was very good and dark too. I it the music match what was going on in the movie, keep up the good work.

SecretSecretary responds:

Nice that you think the visuals and music fit together. I tried to make them compliment each other, so you just made me very happy! Thanks.


that was awsome ... no other words could explain it just awsome

SecretSecretary responds:

An awesomely big amount of thanks!

nice one!

very cool. fantastic animation (although i would've liked to see more of the band playing). I know there was a lot of story to tell in a small length of time, but i would've liked a break from the story itself, to not only admire the bands work but also take in the previous happenings of the story. otherwise fantastic. really really cool, and i want to see more of your work!

5/5, because it was great and rotoscoping has to be a pain.


SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah rotoscoping is a real pain, but it looks kinda cool dont you think? :)
I get what you mean about seeing more about the band and taking in the story before it goes on, and its a good point.
5 out of 5, THANKS!!!!

Fuck them, I loved it.

I give this about the highest rating I could think of. The graphics were new for me, but it was really amazing. It's style and flow, the way the story went along were great, but it could've been better. Mabye if there was some kind of history as to why she decided to jump, what was causing her pain, it would've helped the video out a lot. But I have to say, my heart fluttered when the black coils began taking over the surfaces of things. And the smoke figure sitting on top of the bridge is to DIE for(n-p-i). Where there are places it could use some work, those same elements also create a different feeling all together. She obviously had a terrible life that she just didn't want to remember, something that even the hardest souls would hide from the world. I don't know, I'm just ranting in deep thought. Mabye I'm taking it too seriously, iuhoh. But other than all that, the song rocked my testicles(OwO)<3

SecretSecretary responds:

Haha, thanks a lot!
I wanted to keep this video as simple as possible, but a history about the girl's life would have been nice, I agree. But that was not the point of this video. The point was the realisation at the ending where the soul (black monster thing) realises its own mistake, and then half-heartedly blames it on its previous incarnation and blah blah blah.
Thanks for the long review and I'm glad you liked it even though you wanted more detail to the story and the animation.


Haha, look all those emo-haters abusing your submission xD Too bad everything in this world is being cathegorised so people know what they can hate without making their own decisions...
I want some arguments that count not these "I F0Cking hate you F0ckers go die" comments^^" Tell us what you dislike about emo =3
I think Emo-Haters are people who live a life in a rosegarden, full of joy and happiness, never feeling true pain, so they complain cause they can´t understand it.

So that´s that...the flash was cool...do another vid, and show us more 3D like animated Bandmembers...maybe we could recognize them ^^

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah exactly :)
I personally like many different kinds of music, and people should stop putting things into little boxes, but its their lives and opinions. I'm not gonna try and open their minds, for only they can. And I really am not so arrogant to expect everyone to like this. And I didn't expect this to do SO well on Newgrounds. Dont know if I will do rotoscoping again soon, it's a bitch.