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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"

woo not bad

O.o suicidal goth chick, black tentacles and demon. yay! make more

SecretSecretary responds:

Hahaha! :)
Maybe I'll try something different next time.

That almost blew me away

Great music video! The rotoscoping made it look so damn realistic, especially the part where she jumps, that was perfectly done! I really liked the style and storyline. I know how hard it is to make a full length music vid myself so that makes me appreciate this even more. This was very refreshing, just what I needed :)
keep it up!

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah, when I started this projected I had no Idea what I was getting myself into. It is real hard work and a 5 minute song can feel like an eternity. Really glad you liked it and thanks!

Very good work

I think that your flash was very good and a great way to express yourself. I thought how you showed it was new and interesting to me keep up the good work

SecretSecretary responds:

Thank you. Great that you found it fresh and original. That's always a big compliment! :)

it was good

the graphics and music were blended better than i could ever do (as a matter of fact just the graphics alone are better than i could do) i just think its well... very depressing (reading the other reviews i realized that it's supposed to be) im just saying the graphics could definetly be used to a more positive effect

other than that it was good. keep up the good work ;)

SecretSecretary responds:

Yes this was quite grim I agree.
And I do say, I am in the mood
for something quite different now
that this is done.

I'll make sure my next flash is
more on the positive side. When
it will be, well, no one can tell.


The artwork and style of the entire animation is fantastic. It was well thought out, well done, and well directed.

But I'm getting drained by seeing this theme of suicide and self-contempt continue to pop up. Since when was it cool to kill yourself?

SecretSecretary responds:

I dont think its cool.
I think its pretty sad.
This video stresses all of this with the ending where the spirit exits its body and realises how broken it is because of its past actions in its previous incarnation... but you can see it any way you like.
Thanks for all the compliments!