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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"

Pretty sick

Emo, goth, no way. Grunge is more like it, and I enjoyed the song. The video was also really sweet, rotoscoping is an interesting style and I think you made it work well. I also think that the video shouldn't have had the creature at the end singing or the band members in the video, it breaks the immersion. Otherwise the video was awesome and I really enjoyed it and the music. Definatly looking these guys up. Good job, keep it up.

SecretSecretary responds:

That's great! Glad you liked it! I think people might think of the song as 'emo' and maybe 'goth' because of the visuals. Some wanted more animation of the band playing and others none at all. I like the quick flashes of the members every now and then, but that's just me. :)


The song sucked, the band has a very unoriginal sound...could be one of twenty popular rock bands out now. I haven't heard this particular band before, but I've heard this sound before. I just have to turn the radio on, and there it is.

The flash itself was largely a treat to watch, though. I thought the imagery matched the music very well, and it was expressive where the song was not. I didn't care for the singer being shown, or the "beast of sorrow" singing the vocals at the end, but that's mostly something I dislike in music videos. To me, a video should be a visualization of the song, and if that's just singing the song, then there really isn't any body to the song. Art should (IMO) invoke images and feelings...it should be expressive beyond the surface. The flash in this piece, for the most part, is very artistic, and I like it. The song, definately not.

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks. There is a reason why the ''beast of sorrow'' (hehe) sings along at the end. Listen to those words, and then think who he would be singing it to. He (the spirit) blames the girl (his previous incarnation) for his broken form, when in fact its just himself he is angry with, and has to continue existence and take responsibility for his previous actions, especially his last action. Sometimes there is a reason for things, but sometimes its just there to be cool, and so what? This is just my interpretation, and you can take it however you like. Nice that you enjoyed this video, and thanks for the long review! :)

My god.

Ok so, I hate all the emo shit with the world today and while I have a paticuler distaste of it, I can't deny the fact the amnimation was incredibly well done. I wasn't in favor of the song eather , but it wasn't a flat out slit your throt song, least not as far as I could tell. even tho I don't like the content, I must in fairness give ya a 7 just cause of the shear smoothness of the animation.

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks a lot. No, the song doesn't have much at all to do with the animation.

i must say

i like your stilo very clean i love the colors and the black is always fun to work with . a little confusing at times but very well directed. the music didnt do it 4 me at all really - but it went well with the imagery excuse my english . bha by

SecretSecretary responds:



Watched the whole thing, i liked it.
yea i never herd of these guys either, might have to pick up a few of their songs. Know anymore good ones?

SecretSecretary responds:

Yes, just follow the link on the video's menu to their website, and then the link to their myspace profile. There are a bunch of very good ones over there!
Glad you liked it.