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Reviews for "SMOKESUIT -TheBigSurprise"

one line summary

It was a bit melodramatic. There really wasn't a statement to this, it just wanted to be profound, which in my mind never works. You can't just try to be dark, well I guess you can, but the point is just lost when you do that. I think you have potential, but are too young to do anything really great, because you've made something that's good, but completly pointless. The advice I could give you is, think about what you want people to walk away with after they see your movie, then you'll have something better. As it stands, it's fine by newgrounds standards, and if that's all you're aiming for, then I think you've acheived it here.

SecretSecretary responds:

Well, yeah I did try to make something profound and moving. And there IS a point to the story, but maybe it was just too simple and straight-forward for you. Sorry about that. Anyway, too young eh? Considering the fact that I am 2 years older than you must make me very immature. :) Maybe you grow up faster than me mentally. Next time I'll try to do something super adultish and mature, or maybe not. Thanks for watching and taking the time to write a review!


It's like a softer Tool, thus cool :D

SecretSecretary responds:

Tool hmmm, wow!


dark a little rough don't know if the song and the video fit perfectly but your version is awesome no one can beg to differ the sound rocks...

SecretSecretary responds:

I personally tried to make the animation and the music feed off of each other. The lyrical aspect is completely different than the visual theme, but you can still make a connection between the 2 somehow. Well, I tried to that anyway. :)


Its nice to see some people still use frame by frame - which makes your character look almost real. The song went well with it too.
My only criticism is where she hangs herself. I'm not saying that its bad, but just the fact that you flat out show her hanged kinda kills the rest of the creativity of the video. Try using a better perspective or camera angles that lets you know she hung herself, but don't just show it. The video all before that was great and I really loved the flow of the artwork.
none the less
Great JoB! This is goin' in my favorites

SecretSecretary responds:

Okay, I really did want to show this girl hanging herself and be really direct with it too. A kind of in your face thing, to make it more real and intense. I dont really get why I should leave room for imagination when there isnt really much to imagine. I mean, anyone can imagine a hanging, but actually seeing it happen in front of your eyes is so much more powerful. I guess we just disagree then, but thanks a lot for the score and the compliments. Glad you liked the music video. I will take your suggestions about camre angles in consideration next time around.



The whole goth suicide thing is way overdone and a boring cliche. The song was too emo/whatever for me, the noose was predictable and I would've liked something more in the end making it more philosophical then her really dying...

But this video is only been done before in attempt, not execution. The whole goth atmosphere and suicide theme was only lacking originality because of the probably hundreds of flashes we see trying to accomplish what you did.

In a sense your video looked, but most importantly felt, like this was done before the topic had been overdone. The animation was good, and frighteningly smooth. Awesome use of the same picture many times but in so many different ways that we don't mind (front view of her eyes, cut up, with tears, second tear and so on...).

The noose being created was incredible. And though once we saw it we knew we expected it, the artwork was so captivating, as it wove itself from her tears, that we were totally spellbound and surprised. The constructive criticism I can give is few. Work a little bit more on characters' profile as it didn't totally match her from the front, and did not seem as well drawn. People might have mentioned it already but the animation of the guitarist was well... orgasmic... more of that kind of professional quality work would've been amazing. Also when her eyes are dark near the end and the screen sorta zooms out her eyes are closed, then zooms in for open. But in such a trippy ending that effect could've been psycho on purpose.

I'm going to check your other stuff out and again, great GREAT work. Everything is cliche nowadays and it's only someone ingeniously creative and unique that can take something we've all seen and make it not only their own but better than some of the originals.

SecretSecretary responds:

Wow, thank you. Yeah I need to work on drawing the same characters from different angles and basically improve my animation skills as a whole, and I will. Thanks for the nice review with compliments and criticisms and all. It was very helpful and actually made me laugh as well. :)