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Domino Frenzy

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Update: Highscore list added to arcade mode.

Try to beat the clock and use as many dominoes as possible to complete a chain!


Use your mouse to create the domino chain - Mouse point, click and drag. You can adjust the angle and position of a domino before placing it in a location.

Once you've created your chain click on the first domino at the entry point to set them off!

Be careful - you cannot place dominoes too close to one another or on top of one another, or just like real life, they will fall over.

Arcade Mode:
Your objective is to create large domino chains as quickly as possible. The chain must start at the 'entry' point and end at the 'exit'. You can create multiple chains, loops, and use different colors, whatever you like.

You are allocated a certain amount of time and a set number of dominoes to use to get through each level. Using all the required dominoes is not enough - they all have to fall over when pushed at the end of a round.

You can remove a placed domino (click undo and the select the domino you want to remove) or clear all the dominoes. Be creative and use whatever colors you like! You can save your domino pattern to look at later.

Watch out for obstacles - you will have to work around them, except for the bridge - you can place your dominoes over it.

When you’re done placing your dominoes, click the first domino to start the chain reaction!


You are given 10 points for every domino used and 10 points for every second you have left at the end of a round.

Free Play:

In free play you can set up whatever domino chain you like without any time pressures - allowing you to be extra creative - just remember not to knock the dominoes over before you're finished! Create a masterpiece and show the world just how good you really are! You can save a pattern and edit it or add to it later on.

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That was really amusing

This game is so awesome. Actually this is Domino Frenzy 1.5.
19,500,000/999,999,999 -IGN "Would play again."

I love this game and always come back to play it around Christmastime. The only thing I'd change would be to add the option of obstacles to the free-form level; I like the challenge they represent.

Okay, I admit this game it almost impossible for me to get past. I don't even understand what you mean by using all of the dominos. It just seems kind of a waste when I can just do this in real life. Dang, I wish I had some dominos. I had no idea it would be Christmas-related, other than the date of the flash. The music was fine, I suppose.

I tried to create multiple paths that were offshoots of the original, but it didn't work. It just isn't fun when everything has to be so specific. You should have made it so that you needed a minimum of certain dominos used. Finding an exact number is a bad idea.

Live Domino Frenzy Xmas!!!!

I love playing dominoes and I enjoy playing games featuring them. The Christmas Theme and the christmas music on the game makes the game enjoyable to past your break time . You can learn to create domino chains at Free Mode. I recommend practice in Free Mode to learn to knock designs with 100 dominoes or more since Arcade Mode demands you create domino chains with 100 dominoes in the very first level from the start path to the exit path. every slight mistake in one domino could make your chain not completely knockable .

Merry Christmas Freeworld !

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2006
8:56 PM EST