Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"

not my type of game

i really like the idea of the game but i dont think that there was enough of choices. i dont know if it was just me but could you turn the dominos? other than that the sound was repeating and nothing too cool or exciting. i think that it was a very good attempt but just wasnt thought out as well as it should of. all in all though keep up the great new ideas!

freeworldgroup responds:

we're working on fine tuning the game.

Very unique.

I've been waiting for a dominoe knockover game for years, and when I played this i was not dissapointed. Could use a graphical update, maybe even 3D, though. All in all it's awesome.


the guy before me is a bit of a stupid bitch...commas or a grade school education should be required...dumb bitch.


fun... for 3 seconds... fix your crappy game! you CAN NOT place individual dominoes and ROTATE at the same time with out AUTOMATICALLY KNOCKING THEM DOWN and knocking down two... forcing your to lose, and start over... INSTEAD of double click to knockit down.. have an option, like selecting a dominoe on the game, that will "flick"a dominoe over

Not Too Bad.

This is actually a fairly decent game, however I think it could use a bit more work. I don't think you should be forced to use a certain amount of dominos to get to the end, I think you should actually have to go through some obsticals or something of that sort, or maybe just a bit more to do besides "Put x amount of dominos on the field and make them lead to point y before z." It gets a bit boring after a short while, but this game does have potential. I think you should make a second one with more.