Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"


(here come simon cowell's catch phrase) not to be rude to the last guy who reviewed but stfu! its a great game! its a 10 in humor because who would have thought of something so simple to do in flash form?!?! and that something as simple as dominos could be so addicting. although its not my favotite song, it was nice, clear music. and the graphice, where to start, i know, absolutly BRILLIANT. so much effort must of been put into that that its like tring to draw the pirfect circle and having it take 7 hours (just an example) i wouldnt put in that much effort. and even if i did, it would still look like a retarded, spazified ant thats being electorqutid and squished all at one is drawing while drowing in a sticky goo!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol. keep up the great work!

Needs more

This is an interesting idea but you really didnt give it enough options to actually shine. It was a lot of fun trying to make a decent pattern or design and watching it all flow perfectly, but you need more variations to the game than free play and arcade. Simply adding dominos and cutting the time limit is a pain.

Add more challenges, such as requiring to hit multiple exits or using different colors. If that's already part of the game i didnt get far enough through the frustrating arcade mode. let us start the domino chain with a key stroke or something, give us some type of gadgets, make it more friendly to play.

good game but......

i suck at it lol i cant get it!!!!
really good game tho for any1 who DOESNT suck at life......

w00t domino's

Not once have I seen a game like this and man can I tell u its fun.
One real big let down in it tho, when you have too many dominos not all of them fall down; as I tried to make a picture which you see better after all the dominos fall down, but I had to push about 4 times to get em all down. Nonetheless, brilliant and very well done


I love playing with dominoes! So I like the game.But ARCADE mode is kinda hard.