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Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"


Reviews are meant to criticize, and that is what I will do below. I do want to make note that I mostly enjoyed playing, and that this game has a lot of potential.
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At times, this game had me pounding my head against the wall - but not for any reason a game should:

-Domino placement is very buggy - sometimes just the simple act of placing a domino will cause it to fall over and thus, I have to start over.

-I noticed while trying to create forked paths that the game has a tendency to ignore one or more of the paths, though they all perfectly symmetrically placed.

-Sometimes, the finger pops out and, while attempting to place a new domino, instead knocks one over before the path is complete. I recommend a separate "begin domino effect" button to give the user better control over when Dominoes are knocked over.

-After placing several dominoes, I sometimes forget where the beginning and end of my path lie (in Free Form mode). You might include a directional indicator to show, before a domino is knocked over, which direction the path will run. Not so much an issue in Arcade mode ;)

-Also, on several occasions, pressing "Clear" somehow locks the mouse out - I had to right click to bring the mouse back into focus to place more dominoes.

-Additionally, "Undo" button appears absolutely worthless, as clicking it does not undo any made move.

-The single music track gets very old very fast; kudos for the mute button.

I am aware how difficult a work of this nature is to create. Though I still feel I'm being harsh giving only an overall 7, I can see you have put quite a lot of time into this. However, the problems above prevent me from actually giving any higher. If you fix these items, I would consider this worthy of a 9 or a 10.

Oh, and I'm voting 4 on the 5-point portal scale.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks for the comments - we're aware there are some issues with the game, just haven't had time to address them fully.

The undo button works - you need to click the domino you want to remove after clicking undo - clicking undo alone won't do anything.

Placing a domino too close to another domino will make it fall over - as you have to assume you are accidently knocking over the adjacent domino piece.

Remember in free play you can save the game at any time - so if you make a mistake, you can undo as many domino placements as you like and try again.


A lot of fun to mess around with. The only problem i found was that in free play mode I couldnt see my mouse to place the dominos.

freeworldgroup responds:

glad you liked it : - )

This system is solid

But your execution on how to use it lacks innovation. I found myself more frustrated then anything else during arcade mode. Having to set up a certain amount of dominoes in a certain time frame is more of a chore than anything else. The Free play, however, was more intriguing. I think if your gonna make a game with this awesome system of yours, you need to be a little more creative then the whole time system. The levels you had were nicely done. The music waaas...annoying...i was rushing for an options panel when i realized there wasnt one, and had to turn the knob on my computer down. I gave you a one for humor bc i think everyone gets a little giggle out of pushing a domino down and makes their hard work pay off.

For improvement suggestions, I'd say during freeplay, allow placing other objects, not just ones to avoid but some to interact with. Id say during arcade get rid of the time feature and maybe make it so that the dominoes all have to hit key points, and must hit them all. This domino engine is really really good, you should think a little more outside the box and reinvent the game. I hope you take this review constructively.

freeworldgroup responds:

good points... I'll keep them in mind for next time : - )

Not very good

There was only one song and it was very plain. Also it is to hard to finish the arcade mode and there wasnt enough to do. It just didnt last me very long.

freeworldgroup responds:

it's a simple game - the challenge is learning how to set up the dominoes in a continuous chain that will actually fall over when pushed. It takes a while to get a feel for the game and then you can make amazing chains in freeplay.


Overall, this was an alright game, it only had a plethora of bugs, as well as an impossible arcade mode.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... not impossible - you just need to get used to the placement of dominoes - very easy to complete once you get used to it.