Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"

im cant stop playing this

i just cant get enough of this game i realy like it the only bad thing is the musik but i just turn the sound of anyway make another 1 becouse it would be realy great

freeworldgroup responds:

glad to hear it : - )

Really good

If you ever need some voice acting for a game or movie pm me.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks much appreciated. Check your inbox.


The game was fun for about the first minute. The music got really repetitive and the gameplay was off. Most of what is wrong was this was already said, like the fact that you had to completely restart the game in freeplay- which was the only appealing type of game- and the arcade time was too slow to do what you had to do.

The game has a lot of great potential and could become really good if you just fixed a couple of things and made it look a little more flashy. Until then, I'm saying that it made front page just because it has a holiday theme.

freeworldgroup responds:


Needs alot of work.

How this got on the front page is seriously beyond me. This game was not that good. Good concept, but in the end it just failed. In arcade mode you have a very short amount of time to set up a ton of dominos and positioning around obsticles. However when you need to make a turn you cant just keep dragging the cursor. You have to stop and position each individual one. That made this game seriously annoying.

The fact that you failed to give an intelligent response to those that critisized this game is also why I gave you a low score. To me its not just the game, but the way the author responds to negative reviews.

freeworldgroup responds:


Very Original

And I love it :)

freeworldgroup responds:

glad you like it : - )