Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"


I found it kind of boring, but I'm not much of a gamer. I know how incredibly hard that must have been to program, and the graphics were pretty awesome, so I gave it a 5 :D

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks, glad you appreciate the complexities involved in a game of this type.


Pretty good but I got some suggestions you may like to hear.

Next time when you either Update or Make a new one:
1. Change "Undo" button, so instead of deleting a domino it undos the last thing you added.
2. Make a "Delete" button, to do what the "Undo" button does now.
3. Add a "Reset" button, the reset button would reset the dominos to standing position and delete and dominos that may have caused an unwanted domino chain.
4. The bridge is a good start, but add more things dominos can use. (Some ideas: Stairs, Slides, Switches, Gates,Elevators ,and Tall Bridges[See Below suggestions how they would be set up])
5. In "Free Play" make it have like 9 quadrants (Rooms) that you can switch from to make bigger domino chains. (like the wasd keys would be used to change to each room.)
6. A more variety of colors would be nice.
7. Have a "Submit Design" button. So you can submit your own map and be looked at with others and the winner would have there Design could be loaded by someone to see it. Like every month would be a new design.
8. Please Have like 10 songs to choose from because, you will get sick of 1 Christmas song looping. Now i may not be you but there are people that like christmas but get so sick of the christmas music.
9. Make Obsticales placable in free play. Like have a little scroll spot showing all available obsticales to use.

Well Suggestion end there.
Now for #4

Stairs: Similar to bridge but way smaller.

Slides: Some stairs go to a certian point in height were at the top is a domino and what it will do is go down a slide and hit the next domino
in the chain.

Switches: Domino hit switch to activate a elevator or open a gate.

Gates: Blocks domino chain till a switch has been hit to open it.

Elevator: Block goes up to an unreachable place and the chain on the elevator will not start falling till the elevator has went to its height.

Tall Bridges: Just like normal bridge but tall enough where dominos can got on and under it.

Teleporter: while a domino falls on top of this the domino will be transported to another transporter and continue falling the same direction.

To fit many dominos in a spot make a row (i.e. |...|...|...|...|)
then click between them and add more (i.e. |.|.|.|.|.|.|.|.|)
Make 2nd pair halfway lower than first pair so you can add even more.

Do not try to do sharp turns. your dominos may not continue its chain.

On turns try adding some more dominos to help make sure it continues the chain.

On Arcade Play make 1 chain split into 2 chains make 1 of the chains go right to the exit and use the other chain to get the amount of dominos needed. This helps because think about it there may be a time you forget to place the chain over the exit.

For more points in arcade mode try getting as many dominos in the chain before it hits like 5 seconds then start the chain. Its better this way because you can make like 3 dominos in like 1 second. 1 second= 10 points, 3 dominos= 30 points!

freeworldgroup responds:

excellent comments, thankyou - I'll see if we can incorp most of what you've mentioned : - )

sweeeeeeeeeet :p

luv it!!!:p


hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Live Domino Frenzy Xmas!!!!

I love playing dominoes and I enjoy playing games featuring them. The Christmas Theme and the christmas music on the game makes the game enjoyable to past your break time . You can learn to create domino chains at Free Mode. I recommend practice in Free Mode to learn to knock designs with 100 dominoes or more since Arcade Mode demands you create domino chains with 100 dominoes in the very first level from the start path to the exit path. every slight mistake in one domino could make your chain not completely knockable .

Merry Christmas Freeworld !