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Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"

Not bad

I only did free play, which was nice. I just have a suggestion for next time: Do you think you could have a reset button, so we can fix a mistake we made? That would make the game much more enjoyable.

freeworldgroup responds:

save the game - then you can reopen it and edit it and correct the position of any misplaced pieces.

It was a good concept

but it doesn't deserve front page. It was way too glitchy. I noted many bugs. Hopefully, if will be better by next christmas. I don't mean to sound like a scrooge, but this is the type of game that ruins christmas.

freeworldgroup responds:


how to make this game a 10;

keep it the way it is in the challenge mode then in the free mode make a toggle button that toggles the placing and knocking over modes all you have to do is that and people will spend 10x the amount of time playing this game please please please do that PLEASE. I love the game i love the idea thats all i want you to change and i think alot of other people fell the same way.

freeworldgroup responds:

we'll work on it hopefully in the coming days : - )

Good idea, just needs tweaking

I wanted to like this game and just spend alot of time sitting back and make chains in my lunch break. What I found was a bit of frustration.

Most of the times I was setting up my chains I was setting up my dominos to be close to each other and then my cursor would switch to the mode for knocking them down. Which is nice if I was doing it from the entry way, or even remotely ready for it all, but when I knock down two dominos because I clicked my dominos close together, it just killed gameplay for me.

Great idea, but it'll take some polishing to make it a time-killer.

freeworldgroup responds:

the knocking over feature is on purpose - it is not a bug or glitch or anything - the point of the game is to set things up right and be cautious at the same time not to put dominoes too close together or knock them over by accident... the problem is most people don't read the instructions and assume there are bugs where none exist. Other than that there are some small bugs, but generally not what people complain about. oh well

first domino game ever seen^^

its the first time i see a domino game, very funny...
ther is a little bug in the arcade mode, i mostly only get to do lvl 1 and 2 and even if i just completed lvl 3 or 4 if i can reach it, it jumps back to lvl 1 or 2, little bug to fix, but further... the game rulezzz^^

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : -)