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Reviews for "Domino Frenzy"

Could be better

For such a good idea Iwas expecting more from the amount of gameplay that I actually got. With such a good idea I was expecting more experimental things to take place, such as bridges to different platforms and slides that drag your dominoes to a new area. I guess this was an idea that was thought up to the base and you didn't know where to go from there, I mean the Levels are repetitive and boring. The slight obstacles that you made are very tedious and in fact that was it really. But also this game was very interactive in its approach and looked like the kind of game that will keep you playing for a while but it just didn't work

Sorry, quite good though

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks, good points : - )

Great idea, decent execution.


First of all i'd like to say, exelent idea for a game, verry creative.
Though if you scambled this on paper, it sounds better than it does right now.
So i'll go over some mayor flaws, wich make this rather unique idea less than decent.
First off all, one of my mayor complaints is that when you lay down pieces, sometimes it just automaticly switches to the "hand" icon wich makes all my pieces fall while i'm still building my track.
This could be fixed by making the tipping "hand" cursor selectable, and not making the pieces fall while building.
Another complaint was that making round turns was verry hard, this may be less hard when the above problem has been fixed though.
And my last complaint is the music, its gets you in the christmas mood but its too repetetive, you could improve this by allowing us to select from different tracks or allowing us to mute the music.


Graphics - 7
They where nice, but they where not exeptional.

Style - 8
Unique idea, but sadly the game itself is still a little poor. Improvement of the game would allow this to be a great game!

Sound - 6
The sound is rather bland and repitative, adding more tracks and allowing us to mute the music would be great.

Violence - 0
No violence, but thats no problem.

Interactivity - 7
This is a game ofcourse, you must do certain things and there is a challange, and you can also choose from a free build mode.
This could be better if more object where added, like tricks or bigger blocks.

Humor - 0
Didn't notice any humor in this game, but this doesn't matter.

Overall - 7
Great idea, decent game. It coud've been better.
If you improve the above aspects, and add more interactivity, this game easly deserves a 9.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks for the detailed reviews - your comments much appreciated.


Why do you reply with Burp to all the truthful reviews?
I think their right. This game is a burp. The music gets repetetive and the actual gameplay is bad. The concept is new and fresh but this needs a LOT more work. The whole placing dominoes feature isn't very good. They tend to rotate when you place them fast to beat the time limit. Dude, plz don't reply with Burp.

freeworldgroup responds:



wow that was better then i expected and it is very very addictive 5/5

freeworldgroup responds:

- )

It´s good...

Actually, it´s very good. I think it´s very creative and I like the concept (because I tried to do a domino chain in real lifebut for some reason I just can´t finish it because a piece falls before I finish it :P). Not a big fan of the game´s music but it doesn´t matter

The Best: The concept
To improve: Maybe more variety of music or adding some stuff

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... yeah, we're looking at improving the game based on most peoples sensible comments.