Identity (2006)

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Originally made for an art project in which i created the character and specific style of animation, as well as maintaining the style and dark humor (You may not be disturbing enough to find it funny, but thats just the way some people are) the animation is riddled with. Enjoy!
Also available on google video > http://tinyurl.com/phu4m
*UPDATE* Thank you for the front page earlier this month. But mostly Thank you to Rachel (the resident scientist) whom I Love very much xX



that was funny and awesome
great job

Peda responds:

thanks for enjoying it
*Note to reviewers: Love the appreciation, but also love detailed reviews.

Glad u found it funny too :)


that was insane, i loved the original style and technique. that was greatly made and pretty sad. one question though: was the plane a little bit much? i kinda saw it coming when you saw it pass by and i thought 'man, he better not crash the plane...'
i loved it tho.

Peda responds:

good eye on that plane. I had a hard time deciding whether to cut the first sighting, or leave it, or make it go by faster or on for longer etc. I chose this to add to the 'suspense' and the increasing feel of dread that is evident throughout. Nice reveiw :)

Man thats sad..

The whole movie made me dizzy and sort of sad..

i still liked it though.

Peda responds:

Sad to see your humor isnt quite suited to my style, but VERY glad to see how much you like the other aspects.

Nice flash

that was a pretty good flash, nice plot. Were you having a bad day when you made it?

Peda responds:

lol, no not a bad day. Im just kinda dark humored. I love putting characters in bad situations as i find this comedy quite appealing.

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2006
5:08 PM EDT