Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

don't get me wrong

i just think that it's impossible to anyone to find that funny....
it's just random violence... not even put in a witty way, just blood, puke, shit... that sucks...

i love that kinda of graphic, but as that was supposed to be funny, i think a 2 ou 3 is in order...

want some nice sick inspiration? try salad fingers =) he's nice and sick

feels weird to smirk at contradictions

it was sorta funny to see the dude shave and cut himself and then the floor mat saying "Have a nice day!"

the part where he drops his picture or something and then disgustingly picking it out- little humor considering how disgusting it was.

the airplane was a great 1: how ironic the plane with everyone dead crashes and lands near the dude and he still lives.

i just don't understand where the dude leaves his house, starts walking, and then an egg falls and breaks containing a bird that just died....i don't see any humor in that....was it supposed to be ironic on how a bird that has not been able to "live" dies all of a sudden?

overall.....not a big fan of dark humor but i can't says it's bad..

a little bland

i think it was ok, the humor in it seemed a little cruel and it was a bit bland but the style was pretty good. it could be better with quiet music like other people said and maybe a little excitement but i think it was good, maybe worth a 3 or a 4 to me

We'll since its for an art project

Its was odd to say the least and I'm an artist myself. I like dark humor but the only humorous part for me was the plan crashing. Although the animation was simple, the motion and shading were really we'll done.

Great Movie

I like it... Its got a great quality thats gonna make it remembered.
good job