Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


bad day


That is totally sick!! it is demented and twisted and downright nasty!!! but it was also funny as hell, great work man


That was NOT funny, but it makes you think. 5/5
most serious cartoon on newgrounds

No dice

no dice on that. i didnt laugh once.i didnt think it was funny at all. next time try a little harder and dont submit something only the author would think is funny.

funny? why??

I don't see what makes this funny. Now I'm not one who thinks cartoon violence is offensive or wrong; nothing wrong with dark humor. But I didn't see it in this film. A bunch of random violent and disgusting things happened. If you don't actually incorporate elements of humor, like irony, parody, or satire, then it's just a bunch of bad things that happened. There was hardly any story, so it doesn't work as drama either. I appreciate the experimental style, that works fine, but I would go back and re-think the viewer emotions you want to induce. All I got from this was "this guy's life is riddled with excessively bad events, yet he doesn't let them slow him down."