Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


That guys life is screwed up if hes seeing all that crap in one day rofl, and a plan almost hits him...he just walks away...
AMAZING, good work.


and he just walks away......
that was awsome.


at first i was like, "wow this is pointlessly gorey", but then I realized that was the whole point
the last guy was saying something about story... the whole point is that there is no story, the guy wakes up, sees a bunch of nasty stuff, a big change from his usual day to day drawl and routine
lol i like how it goes from shaving cut to large scale airplane crash
graphics did get choppy, but that's one of the things u had going for you
nice change from the usual anime that plagues the portal

Work on a Story

What does all of this mean to him. It seems like all of this is just coincidence with zero meaning. I liked the style of animation, and disliked the audio. Your Foley was sloppy as hell and the audio perspective didn't work with some of the shots.

Work on Story man. You'll never make it unless you have Story.
It was a very original Idea though.