Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

dude, thats sick!

Very cool animation.I was missing the footstep sounds in the kitchen tho...2 bad.I bet the wallet falling in the toilet bit was inspired by trainspotting:P. I liked the atmosphere.

thumbs up

"Where is the passion when you need it the most.."

I guess "Murphy's Law" has nothing on this guy!! I hope he has Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance!! Hey wait... didn't he play the newest spokesperson for that slew of herpes commercials? What else can I say... Poor Guy!! Nice work by the Author!! Can't wait for the next batch 'o' goodies!!

I am now a fan

I love the little details, like how he was scratching his legs when shaving, the tripping etc. I loved it overall, especially the "twist" at the end. Kudos, please keep up the good work!


very well made
i loved the silence as others also said
kinda feel sorry for the guy... O_O


Nicely done. The silence of the work greatly emphasizes all the unspeakable horrors this guy has seen. Very well made.

KoOpA_sTyLeS is a big cheesehead. "I wish he picked up a turd. That would have been funny." What the FUCK?!? You think turds are FUNNY?!? How OLD are you?!?